Achromatic Telescopes

Achromats are two-lens systems that offer very good contrast and also sharpness. The construction makes these telescopes to be beginner friendly because they’re easy for beginners in astronomy, day observation or landscape photography with an achromatic refractor; you can even take pictures of deep sky objects such as galaxies.

Solar telescope

A solar telescope is a telescope that is designed to observe the surface of the sun. Solar telescopes are usually small and not very expensive, which makes them perfect for classroom demonstrations or backyard astronomy. The most common type of solar telescope has a lens at one end and an eyepiece at the other end.

Keplerian Telescopes

Aha! The perfect magnification for your telescope. From infinity to 250 mm, with an upright image and inverted optics so you can see everything clearly without any confusion on what’s up there in the sky or down here on earth (or at least that’s why they are called “Keplerian systems”). These types of magnifying lenses were originally created as advanced tools when we needed higher power than Galilean Telescopes could provide; but now their use has changed because some people find them easier to handle: especially those who have already mastered using another type like Gullie systems which offer shorter focal distances – 3 inches compared 2 feet).

Superachromat Telescopes

The superachromat telescope is a new invention that is designed to increase the resolution of the images being seen. This type of telescope has been created out of a necessity for better quality viewing and clearer pictures, as it has been found that many telescopes have not been able to provide this.  The construction of this type of telescope was made possible by using a high-quality lens system which had been specially designed with an improved light gathering capability. With these lenses, more light will be focused onto the detector chip in order to create higher quality images. All things considered, this is one product worth investing in if you are interested in obtaining clear photographs or video footage from space.

Astrophotography telescopes

Astrophotography is a hobby that has been around for many years. The problem with getting started in this hobby is not being able to see what you are trying to take pictures of. Telescopes can help solve this issue by making it easier to find stars, planets and other objects in the sky. This blog post will cover some of the best telescopes for astro photography, as well as things you need before starting your new hobby.