Astrophotography telescopes

The sky is a beautiful place and all of the stars in it are like diamonds. Astrophotography telescopes make it possible to take pictures of the sky that capture these diamonds. This category will explain how you can get one for yourself and what benefits they offer.

Newtonian Reflector

A Newtonian reflector is a simple telescope design that has been around for centuries. They are very easy to use and still offer great views of the night sky. In this category, we will walk you through all of the basics about what a Newtonian reflector is, how they work, and why you would want one for your next project.

Dobsonian telescope

A Dobsonian telescope is one of the most popular types of amateur telescopes in use today. They are also some of the largest and most powerful available. These devices are relatively simple to operate and maintain, which makes them ideal for beginners or children that want to explore astronomy with a telescope.  This article will detail how these telescopes work, offer tips on where to buy one, and highlight some models worth considering when shopping around for your next telescope purchase.

Cassegrain telescope

Famous for its revolutionary design, the Cassegrain telescope is a popular choice among amateur astronomers. The basic principle of a Cassegrain design is to use a combination of mirrors and lenses to form an image. A large convex mirror forms an inverted image at the top end while two other concave mirrors reflect that image into a focal point below them where it passes through another lens before being viewed by the eye or camera. In this category we will inform you of the best cassegrain telescopes available on the market.